Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Internet Blues

Ugh, having no internet for several days is the pits!  There's no ability to read my favorite blogs, watch movies or shows, or even check the weather.  As you've guessed, my internet was down for several days and I am just now getting back online again. 

When the internet goes, it's strange how out of touch you feel with the world.  And I'm of the age that still remembers a time before the internet.  (Shocking, I know, but there was a time before internet.)

The first day without internet wasn't so bad.  I actually managed to get two book covers designed and am very excited with how well they turned out.  The second day got a little more depressing as I really was wanting to catch up with certain blogs and see what all was going on with some of my favorite authors and the books they are writing.  (I'm ridiculously addicted to the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent - - and have been following that blog religiously for quite a while!)  And as the no internet days progressed, the blues really sank in.

But then, my mood perked up when, lo and behold, I finally had an internet signal after lunch today!  I danced a little happy jig and thanked the internet gods for not making me suffer any longer.  And then immediately hopped online to check my e-mails and read the posts that had been made over the last several days on the blogs I follow.

So now that my internet withdrawals have dulled some due to obsessive surfing and reading for the last hour, it's now time for me to calmly get back to work.

**does a happy dance and offers thanks again to the internet gods**

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