Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing, Editing, and Diet Cherry Pepsi

Good morning, all!  It's Hump Day!! lol

Okay, so I know I've been suspiciously quiet for the last couple of weeks (well, those of you that really know me, silence is more the norm, but that's another story).  Anywho, I've been up to my arse in edits and writing and dental work, so things have been a bit busy (crazy) and I've finally found a few moments to post some updates.

First, writing: Galactic Dynasty's first book is coming along sloooowly.  It has taken me forever to get a good feel for the beginning of this book, especially since it's written from the perspective of an alien species and is taking place about 600 years in the past.  That might sound a little strange, but now that I've got a feel for it, it's going to be AWESOME!!

As for the new YA concepts I'm working on, both the paranormal and the contemporary, I'm making progress with those but am letting the words flow as they come. 

Speaking of words, I actually managed to get time to do nothing but write yesterday (go me) and had set a goal of 4000 words to be written by the end of the day.  I am either super-creative or on crack, but I managed to write 4660 instead...woohoo! *throws confetti*  So, after accomplishing that minor miracle, I had a snack plate and watched Wristcutters: A Love Story with the Muse.  If you have never seen this movie and like strange, unique concepts about the afterlife, definitely check it out!

Now, editing: I am currently doing technical and content edits for the Muse's upcoming novel (still don't have a release date).  Or, maybe I should say, was doing edits.  As I got closer to the end, he and I both realized that his story wasn't as complete as we first thought.  The characters were apparently knocking on the inside of his skull and saying 'um, hello, we're not finished talking yet'.  So, long story short, he will be adding more to the story and the release date may or may not be any time soon.  But that's the beauty of publishing your own works: you get the creative freedom to step back and say 'hey, this isn't ready' and not panic after saying that because you have mega-huge deadlines to meet.

With all that spewed out, I will probably be turning my editing attention back to Dangerous Moves, the 4th book in The L & L Mysteries series.  I really want to get this one out by December, if possible, because I love the storyline and want to share it with the world.  In my very biased opinion, I think the series just keeps getting better with each new release.  But, I dare you to prove me wrong on that!  Go on...I double dog dare you.....okay, okay, I Triple Dog Dare You!  (Kudos to any who can tell me what movie that comes from!)

So, what's with the Diet Cherry Pepsi, you've been wondering...  Most all authors will tell you that they have a certain beverage that really gets their creative juices flowing.  For some, it's coffee, some it's tea.  For me, I like my coffee in the morning and my tea at night.  But for the hours of about 11 to 7, I am a Diet Cherry Pepsi girl.  Just something about the flavors and fizziness that push my brain to continue to be creative, even when I just want to throw up my hands and say 'I'm done'!

And, of course, the worse thing that can happen is having an author run out of their creative juice beverage.  The rest of our bodies may continue to function properly, but if we run out of our go juice, then our creative part of our brain malfunctions and refuses to spit out even one crumb of sparkle or genius.  So, guess what?  This happened to me yesterday.  Yes, I managed to get some major writing in during my morning coffee phase, thank god.  But when the afternoon hit, forget it, I had nothing.  I tried to force something to come out and it wasn't pretty.  So, I made a special trip into town (which is about 30 minutes away for me, so yes it truly is a special trip into town), where I found the creative gods smiling down on me: 4 cases of Diet Cherry Pepsi for $11.  I quickly snatched up those 4 cases, rushed back home, and wrote another 2000 words!  So, lesson is: do not let an author get dangerously low on their creative juice beverage!

Alright, I believe that's all I've got for now.  I need coffee and then I will probably do some more writing today.  I hope everyone's well and I'll try not to be so long in writing my next post...tata!

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