Monday, September 10, 2012

Interns, Root Canals, and Work

Good morning, all!  It's been a little while since I've updated this, so here goes.  A lot has been happening over the last few weeks.  Cressen Books LLC has an intern working for us this semester from Shepherdstown University.  And she's already proving invaluable, giving feedback into the edits of the Muses novel and showing us what she's capable of when writing her own novel.  We're excited to be working with Rachel this semester and hope that she comes away with a great experience (and maybe even a published novel) by the end of the semester.

As for root canals...they are evil!  I had to have one done last week and was so excited to finally be pain free.  I was envisioning gnawing on big juicy steaks again without it hurting.  But, as is my typical luck, I began feeling pain again in the same area yesterday and was up for several hours last night with it.  I think what's happened is the nerve is inflamed and hasn't had a chance to recover yet and I keep eating on that side and putting pressure there.  So, it's a motrin regiment on top of already taking antibiotics for me and hopefully I won't have to have the dentist poke around some more in that area.  I actually love my dentist and her staff is fantastic...but I'm ready to move on and not have to see her again until my next routine cleaning (six months from now).  Oh well.  We'll see how cooperative the tooth/nerve will be over the next day or two.

And's been quite chaotic over the last couple of weeks and I have yet to settle back into my normal routine (whatever that was).  I know I originally posted that I would be keeping track of my word count on the sidebar of this blog for the 2-3 stories I was working on.  Well, the 2-3 stories grew to 5 stories.  So, to clean things up a bit, I've moved the word count bars for each story to it's own page here on this blog.  So, if you're interested, definitely flip over to that page from time to time to see how the books are coming along.  And maybe, if I'm lucky, I might actually be able to come up with titles and synopses for these books so you have a better idea of what I'm actually working on!  Or at least I'll have a better idea of what I'm working on.  Whatevs.

Speaking of work, I guess I should really get back to it.  I hope everyone has a great week and I'll pop back on again when I have the chance!

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