Friday, January 18, 2013

Where Has the Week Gone???

It seemed like only yesterday it was Monday and I had a whole week stretching out before me with things I needed to do.  Then, I looked up and suddenly it's Friday!  Holy Crap, where did the week go?!

I managed to get a couple more chapters edited in The Butterfly Connection (The L & L Mysteries #4) before I got side-tracked with 101 other things.  And if I'm lucky, I may be able to move ahead with more editing today.  But I'm not holding my breath on that.

So what did I do this week to make it go by so fast?  Well, I published my Muse's 2nd book, Naked Lady Dreams, and of course had to tell the whole world about it.  *shameless plug: Check this book's amazing!

I've also been prepping for a book signing that's taking place this Saturday (eeekk! Tomorrow!!) for one of Cressen Books' new authors, Rachel Stark.  She'll be signing her debut novel, A Veil of Shattered Dreams, at Beasley's Books and Eccentricities located in Charles Town, WV.  If you're in the area, be sure to stop by!  The photographer and the model for the book cover will also be there with Rachel, signing books as well.  So, this is a unique opportunity to get all three signatures!  Cool, right?  The signing is from 1-4pm.

I've also begun working on cover concepts for another one of our new authors, Jessie McClain.  She's writing an intriguing and dramatic romance series that spans over a few generations of the same family.  Currently, I'm working on the cover for the first book in this series, attempting to find the right cover design that captures the books' essence.  Not an easy task, but it's a very enjoyable one! :)

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I promise you that everything I've mentioned above has taken up the majority of my time this week.  But, it's all good, so I don't mind. :)  I love watching other authors' novels take shape and come to life!  Being a part of that exciting process is the reason I do what I do because it's such a rewarding and enriching feeling when it all comes together!

So, that's it for now.  I'm off to develop some more concepts and maybe work some more on edits of The Butterfly Connection.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!

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