Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Starward....And Beyond

Good morning all!  You've probably noticed the silence here over the last week or two and I promise I have a good reason for that. 

Final edits have begun on Starward (Galactic Dynasty #1) and the first four chapters had to have some major additions and re-writes.  So, my fingers have been glued to my keyboard trying to make those happen.  And let me just say that the additions and re-writes were well worth it! 

So, we're now into the second part of the book and things are shaping up nicely. We should have Starward completely edited and ready for publication within.....hopefully.....the next month or so. *crosses fingers*  I'll know more as things progress and will definitely keep everyone posted.

And speaking of Starward, a lot of discussions have been taking place between me and the co-author, E. M. Lohr, (who is also my Muse and my wonderful hubby) about overall series direction and how we want to see the subsequent books play out.  Which has actually led me to begin writing the first draft of Book 2 in the Galactic Dynasty series.  We don't have a title for the book yet...that probably won't come until we've written at least half of the first draft.  But, it has started and I'm extremely excited to see how the characters are going to continue to tell their story!

Edits have also begun on Prophecy Revealed (The Soul of Arial #1).  Did any of you see something strange in that sentence?  Yep, the book that was originally titled The Soul of Arial has gone through some structural changes.  An overall series concept revealed itself to me about three weeks ago and I've been working on fitting the book into this new concept.  Here's how I sort of see it playing out: The Soul of Arial will actually encompass 5-6 books total spanning three very different realms that Arial has to travel through to reach her ultimate destination. 

I know that probably didn't reveal a whole lot about the series, but I'd rather not reveal a lot right now.  Things are still in the works, but as Prophecy Revealed comes closer to being complete and ready to publish, I'll be sharing a lot more about this particular series with you.

Have I forgotten anything???  Probably, but these two particular pieces of information were the most important that I wanted to share at the moment.  I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the return of Spring!  I know I'm looking forward to seeing things in bloom again!

Adios for now!

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