Thursday, June 6, 2013

Booking Through Thursday #6

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly bookish meme about (mostly) books and reading.
This weeks' BTT is: What makes you choose the books you read? Genre? Reviews? Certain authors? Covers? Recommendations?

I'm kind of an eclectic reader in that I don't stick with just one genre.  I like to sample around and I usually choose the book I'm going to read by what kind of mood I'm in.  Am I in the mood for sci-fi or fantasy?  Am I in the mood for murder mystery or paranormal?  Do I feel like historical fiction or romance?  It's usually all about the mood for me and since I have over 400 books on my pile of books to read, I get the advantage of being able to choose from whichever genre I'm interested in at the moment.

Sometimes, though, I run into the dilemma of not having the book I want to read amongst those 400.  For example, I've been watching HBO's Game of Thrones and am loving it!  So, I wanted to read the books but didn't have them.  So, yeah, I added 4 more books to the pile I already have going and am currently reading A Game of Thrones.  So, I guess sometimes TV or Movies play a part in me choosing to read certain books.  Same thing happened with Harry Potter.  After I saw the first movie, I had to read the books and got hooked.

Also, I have gone by recommendations or reviews which have introduced me to certain authors that I've fallen in love with.  And therefore had to read more books by them.  J. R. Ward and Rachel Vincent are two authors that fall into the category for me.

And then there are the authors whose names have been around a long time but I'm just now getting into their books.  Stephen King and James Patterson are just two to name a few.

What makes you choose the books you read?
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  1. It's a lot about what mood I'm in for me too.

  2. My mood will dictate what book I'll choose from those I'm noticing around the blogosphere, on Goodreads, or by word of mouth. I have my wish list...and then there are my actual physical books that I've acquired. Once I have the books in my possession, they are there for me when the mood strikes.

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  3. I just feel bad that two of my friends who are so much into books are faraway from me and we rarely talk anymore. I long to have friends to share bookish thoughts with and exchange recommendations. Thankfully, blog hopping allows me to read different book reviews.

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  4. It's good to mix it up and explore other genres.

  5. Mine is a combination of factors. I have genres I avoid, but I read a variety.
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