Thursday, July 4, 2013

Road Trip!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying beautiful weather, great cookouts, and maybe even some awesome fireworks displays this evening!  And I hope all of this is taking place with family and/or friends.

We're actually having a cookout today (some beautiful hunks of steak are going on our grill....yuuuummm).  But, no fireworks for us this year.  That's okay, though.  We have to get up around 4am tomorrow because we are going on a ROAD TRIP!!!!

Yep, we're heading to Madison, Wisconsin where the hubby and Muse will be in meetings and attending a conference.  Once we're done there, we'll be heading to Iowa to meet one of our authors and then to Indiana to meet another author and then back home again!  A whirlwind trip, but it should be a lot of fun. :)

What will I be doing while he's locked up in meetings?  Well, I will be feverishly writing on the second book in the Galactic Dynasty series!  With Starward (book one) finally available for purchase - you can check out Cressen Books' website for purchase links - and the celebration of that release out of the way, I have come up with all sorts of ideas for the next book.  And after having spoken with my co-author and Muse about story flow, plot line, and general direction, I am now ready to pound out at least the first several chapters!  I'm very excited to begin this novel and will keep everyone informed of the progress.

And when I'm not writing, I intend to get a lot of reading done.  I've just started the third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, A Storm of Swords, and hope to have lots of time to read that.  Of course, when the Muse is not in meetings, I fully intend to drag him around the city to see the sights....we will, after all, be tourists!  So, I'll be taking pictures and will try and post some of the better ones once we get back home.

So, there you have my excitement!  Have a safe and wonderful Independence Day and I'll be back on when I get the chance to give updates and share pictures!

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