Thursday, August 1, 2013

Coming Up For A Breather!

Good morning all!  We made it past hump day and the weekend is almost upon us.  I just wanted to say 'hi' before I disappeared again.

Oh, and I wanted to share with you a little update on one of our authors at Cressen Books.  Her name is Jessica L. Padilla and she has a debut paranormal coming up.  The novel is Blood Origins (Black #1) and the release date is August 21.  That's right...just a few more weeks and you can get your hands on this awesome new book!  Below is the cover and synopsis:

Red pain, Red need, Red hunger...

Nightmares filled with red, dripping with death. The lines between predator and prey have blurred, nightmares have become a reality and choices must be made.

Adelin, half in each world, must choose between a lost mother, found, or a dad who's always been there... The black world, a world filled with darkness and death, or the human....

Will she choose humanity or will she let the darkness consume her?

Blood has never been so red.

Doesn't this sound amazing???  Be sure to mark your calendars for this debut release.  This series is going to be awesome!

So, I believe that is all my news for the moment.  I'm going to hop off here and get some writing done.  Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Reading!

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