Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two Chapters To Go!

Why is it that the last couple of chapters always seem to take the longest to write?

I'm literally twenty pages (give or take) away from being finished with the manuscript for Vagar and yet the last two chapters don't want to spill out of my brain.  If I could get my brain to cooperate, I could have these last words written in a day, two max.  And yet, the synapses are not firing and words are not pouring out like I want them to.  Sigh.

The really sad part is that I actually know most of what I need to have happen in these last two chapters.  But I can't seem to put the thoughts together in coherent sentences.  I'm determined to get this done, though.  I purposefully took a break from all writing this weekend to let my mind rest and get ready for this last stretch and I will get the last two chapters written by the end of this week, even if I have to glue myself to this keyboard! lol

So, this is going to be a short post, but wish me luck!  Hopefully I will be entering the final edit stages by the beginning of next week. *crosses fingers and toes*

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