Friday, May 29, 2015

Atmosphere is Key

Happy Friday all!  I hope each of you have had a productive week and are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the weekend!  For me, there are books calling my name to be read along with other things I'm not even aware of yet.  Always busy here on the weekends!

Anyway, I kind of wanted to ramble a bit about atmosphere today.  And no, not the atmosphere that we all share.  The atmosphere that one needs in order to create.

Some authors are fond of listening to music while they write.  They have particular playlists cued up depending on the type of novel they're currently writing.  As for other authors, they write while watching genre-specific movies or TV shows.  Some authors prefer the bustle of a Panera Bread or Starbucks to help with their writing flow.  And other authors book a few weeks at a specific hotel in order to pound out word count goals.

As for me, I'm a quiet writer.  If there's any sort of chattering or music, I become completely distracted and lose my writing flow very quickly.  My favorite writing place is the living room where I curl up in my favorite recliner chair with my laptop and let the words flow freely across the screen.  I don't have any music on, no TV flashing in the background, and typically nobody around to pester me about something every thirty minutes.

When I'm in this sort of atmosphere, the writing comes to life, my characters take over, and I can happily dance my fingers across the keys for hours on end.  Thousands of words come pouring out and before I know it, I've finished a chapter.  Then another.  And so on.  I am content to live in another world for several hours and when I finally do come back to reality, I'm usually starving!

I guess my point here is that everyone creates differently.  We all need different sorts of stimuli to get the imagination pumping.  We each require a particular atmosphere and sometimes it takes trial and error before we find that perfect blend that helps us to bring our stories to life on the page.

What sort of atmosphere do you create best in?  Feel free to share below and have a great weekend!

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