Friday, May 22, 2015

Book Beginnings on Friday #1

Book Beginnings on Fridays is a meme hosted by Rose City Reader.  This meme features the first sentence or so of the current book one is reading and thoughts and musings about that sentence or so shared.  Inclusion of the title and author are greatly appreciated!

This week's book beginning comes from The Wrong Girl (The 1st Freak House Trilogy #1) by C. J. Archer:

To say I'd been kept prisoner my entire life in an attic wasn't quite true.  It was only fifteen years out of eighteen, and I was allowed to walk in the gardens for a half-hour some days.  Besides, the attic rooms of Windamere Manor covered the top-most floor of the entire west wing, and Violet and I had the run of them.

The first paragraph of this gothic novel grabbed my attention right away.  I wanted to know why this character had been put up in the attic for all those years, only allowed outside for a half-hour at a time, and I wanted to know who Violet was.  As I read on, I quickly came to some of those answers and they were quite disturbing and had me feeling really sorry for the main character and her friend.

Do you have a book beginning to share?
Leave me a link below and have a great weekend!

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