Thursday, June 18, 2015

Booking Through Thursday #2

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly bookish meme about (mostly) books and reading.

This week's BTT is: Vacation

When you travel, do you bring one book with you? Or a pile of them?
And is that pile still a load of paper to lug around? Or do you use an e-book reader like a Kindle or your iPad to help carry the load? (Because, even if you prefer paper, it can get heavy when you're traveling!)

I actually take both when I'm traveling. I'll find a couple of paper books to take with me and I'll also take my Android which has apps for Kindle, Nook, and several other e-readers. Then when I get to where I'm going, it just depends on what kind of mood I'm in as to which I pick up to read, paper or e-book.

Which do you take with you on vacation?
Leave me a link or comment below and have a great Thursday!


  1. I'm pretty much like you — I bring both along. You can read more about it on my blog post.

  2. I only bring both if I'm in the middle of a paper book when I leave. I used to travel with piles of them but when they started charging for luggage and weight limits I finally went with the iPad for travel. My full answer is here:

  3. I read almost exclusively on my ereader now. I love having all my books with me.