Monday, September 28, 2015

New Project!

Now that Lineage is live, I'm shifting my focus to a new project that I've been playing around with for a few years now.  I had a rough manuscript already drafted, but now that I've got my Muse/Editor involved, the storyline is morphing into something amazing!  I'm about half-way through the re-write and am reaching a point now where everything I add will be new material.

For years now I've been a huge fan of the paranormal genre (reading it not writing it).  But I wanted to try my hand at it even though I recognize that it's a crowded field.  I still feel like there are new twists and angles that can be explored and brought to life.  Plus, I'm a character person and sometimes all it takes are new and interesting characters to breathe life into a genre that feels as if it's been overdone.  So that's what I'm attempting to do with this new series.

And yes, it will be a series.  There will be Vampires and Lycans and Seers... well, one Seer anyway.  There will be intrigue and flirtations and danger.  There will be multiple attractions for the main character, but nothing set in stone as to who she has to choose.  She can enjoy each one in her own way and not have that whole insta-love or love triangle issue to deal with.

Something a little different with this series than what I've done in the past is that this will be told from one perspective only.  My main character is a female who's had some hard knocks but keeps right on going.  She's willing to explore and take reasonable risks and she doesn't accept everything at face value.  She's curious and a bit endearingly klutzy and loyal to those she cares about.  She's innocent in some respects and worldly in others.  And being eighteen, she's beginning to explore the adult world more which will of course land her in various adult situations.

This series is intended for the mature young adult and older audience.  I haven't settled on whether I intend to market this as New Adult or just stick with General Adult fiction yet.  Either way, I believe it will be an enticing read for a wide range of ages.

So, with all of that said, I will be posting a progress bar soon so anyone curious can see how the manuscript is coming along.  As for my other series, once I finish this first book in this series, I'll be switching to The Soul of Arial series and begin working on book 3, Aboveworld.  After that, I'll be back in the sci-fi/adventure realm with the fourth book in the Galactic Dynasty series.  Lots going on, but then that's what us authors live for... to write stories!

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