Monday, April 24, 2017

Perspicacity Has A Synopsis!

Good morning, all!

Great things are afoot and one of those is that Perspicacity (Annals of Ellie #2) has a synopsis!  I'll be sharing that and the cover below momentarily.

I did want to update everyone on the progress.  It's been slow-going due to me being gone more than at home these last couple of months.  But I've finally finished my final read-through and am waiting on my Muse and Editor to finish his read-through before I begin the formatting stage!  So, crossing my fingers, I hope to have a release date to share with you all soon.  Until then, as promised, here's the cover and synopsis for Perspicacity:


Events from the past, secrets from the future, all mix to confuse and confound. Hormones and naiveness plague Ellie as she navigates her special talent and her new world of college, foretelling, and sleuthing. Add her out-of-control roommate and adventure is sure to follow. Normalcy is always in question and perspicacity is all she has. Or does it have her?