Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Writing Prompt #9

Feeling the love with this Writing Prompt.  This and other writing prompts can be found at Writers Write.

You know that loving feeling... hearing a favorite song, tasting a favorite food, curling up with your favorite book!  It's what we live for, to generate that feeling through as many outlets as possible.  It feels good to love, so why limit ourselves to just loving a person or a pet?  Love books, love songs, love food, love life!  And if you have a loved one to share all that with, so much the better!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Writing Prompt #8

A bit of an apocalyptic theme this time for the Writing Prompt.  This and other writing prompts can be found at Writers Write.

The third world war has just ended and devastation spreads as far as the eye can see.  Instead of victorious cheers and dancing in the streets, people shuffle about in a daze.  All is chaos and no one knows what will happen next.

Infrastructure is non-existent and all the ways we once kept in touch with our fellow human beings no longer function.  It is as if someone has thrown a switch and we have all been transported back to the Dark Age.

Survival is all anyone can think about.  Where to get the next bite of food.  Where to find the next drink of water.  Where to find shelter and safety in a world gone mad.

It will be some time before any semblance of order reemerges and no doubt it will resemble days of feudal reign.  But for now, we are all just surviving one minute at a time.

Copyright © 2019 by Wendy Lohr

Monday, July 29, 2019

Writing Prompt #7

After a brief hiatus in which I took a trip to Erie, PA with my hubby and muse to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, I'm back to join in on the latest Writing Prompt.  This and other writing prompts can be found at Writers Write.

At the bus stop, I fidget nervously.  It is the first day back to school and the familiar routine of last year feels so foreign now.  Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that I was attending a new school this year.

New state.  New town.  New house.  New bus stop.

As unfamiliar kids begin to join me, I check out each one cautiously from the corner of my eye.  Would they become friends? Enemies?  I was worried they would ignore me and at the same time, I was worried they would see me.

Then a curly red-haired girl stood next to me and offered, "You can sit with me, if you want."

And suddenly, my nervousness turned into hope that maybe this move and the new school and even the new bus stop wouldn't be quite so bad.

Copyright © 2019 by Wendy Lohr

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Writing Prompt #6

Careful what you eat when camping in the woods! Today's Daily Writing Prompt and others can be found at Writers Write.

They found him after seventeen days, straddling the log of an ancient Redwood.  He was completely naked and tapping his heels into the sides of the fallen tree, urging it "Onward ho!"

After convincing him he'd arrived at his destination (the town of Deadwood), paramedics ushered him to an awaiting ambulance and on to the hospital.  Several series of tests later revealed he'd gotten hold of hallucinogenic mushrooms while out on his three-day camping trip and had been wandering the forests while eating the mushrooms.

It was several days before he was finally released from the hospital and his husband declared, "You are never going camping without me again!"

Copyright © 2019 by Wendy Lohr

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Writing Prompt #5

Today's Writing Prompt is a bit of a fill in the blank scenario.  You can find and other writing prompts at Writers Write.

She wanted to be an archaeologist, but gave that up when panic attacks led to the onset of agoraphobia.  Unable to leave her home due to a growing list of fears, she found a way to still pursue her dream in a different manner.  Becoming a translation specialist for ancient languages, she managed to feed her desire for the past without setting foot out of her home, but the embarrassment of her phobia was never far from her thoughts.  Perhaps some day she'll find a way to conquer her fears, but in the meantime, she'll take comfort in what she is able to give to the fascinating world of archaeology.

Copyright © 2019 by Wendy Lohr

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Writing Prompt #4

Short and Sweet Writing Prompt for today. You can find this and other writing prompts at Writers Write.

He had me at 'ice cream.'

Monday, July 15, 2019

Daily Writing Prompt #3

A somber, alien twist for today's Writing Prompt. This and other writing prompts can be found at Writers Write.

They began with a moment of silence, honoring those that were no longer among the living.  So many lives lost to protect those that still remained, a sacrifice that would not be forgotten for many generations to come.  And it was not a sacrifice in vain.  On this day, the living were celebrating their newfound freedom. 

Freedom from tyranny and oppression. 

Freedom to have opinions and ideas.

Freedom to create without censure or fear. 

Freedom to explore their world as well as the many worlds beyond. 

As the moment of silence came to a close, haunting voices rose in unison, singing the new beginning for their species... a beginning that would have never been without the sacrifices of the brave, fearless, and determined warriors being honored this day.  Warriors of the unassuming Naavu race who were now the sole surviving species on their beloved planet, Renvost. 

The silence was for the warriors, the singing for the living, and with hope and imagination, their race would one day fulfill the long-held hopes and dreams of all those who had come before them.

Copyright © 2019 by Wendy Lohr

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Daily Writing Prompt #2

Feeling a bit philosophical for this particular writing prompt.  Agree or disagree, just remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts.  This and other writing prompts can be found at Writers Write.

If wishes came true, the world would actually be a really dull and uninspiring place.  Whether we're wishing for money or love or happiness or health or any of the other multitudes of things people wish for, if we were to receive all of these things, what would we wish for?  What would we strive for?  What would we dream about?  What would we hope for?

A wish is sacred and beautiful, but if it always came true, would we even bother to wish anymore?  What would be the point?  Even in adversity or despair, wishing creates that light at the end of the dark tunnel.  Maybe that wish will be granted, maybe not, but at least it provides what is really important, even in times of struggle: hope.

So, if wishes came true, we would no longer have anything to wish for.  And I believe that would be a sad place indeed.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Daily Writing Prompt #1

Okay, going to try something new here. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to post one of these each day as it is called a Daily Writing Prompt!  These are courtesy of Writers Write and anyone can sign up for a daily writing prompt in their inbox!

It was the first day after the election and my head was filled with stampeding elephants.  Whole herds were racing through my brain, forcing me to groan in agony.  But then the blessed aroma of black magic wafted in, followed by the sounds of popping and sizzling.  Bacon.  Bacon would save me from the stampede.

With an effort that would have made Hercules proud, I rolled over and somehow managed to plant my bare feet firmly on the shaggy, cream-colored throw rug.  Squishing my toes in the fabric for a moment, I let the smells and sounds of breakfast being prepared lead me further into the land of the living.  Then I heaved myself up and stumbled into the bathroom.

After the necessities were taken care of, I shuffled out to the kitchen and grinned goofily at Mr. Coffee.  He was percolating happily, telling me everything was going to be alright once the magic brew was ready.  Then slender arms wrapped around my waist and I was snuggled from behind, lips tickling the side of my neck as my partner in life and love greeted, "Good morning, Madam President."

Copyright © 2019 by Wendy Lohr

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I'm Baaaaacccck!!!

I know, it's been freakin' forever since I last posted out here.  So, let me do a catch up and we'll see where we are when I'm done.

First, I did take a sabbatical, as my last post indicated.  From August until January, I didn't write a single word.  Instead, I practiced my creative skills in other arenas: crochet, cross-stitch, paint-by-numbers, learning to draw, and sewing.  I was feeling artsy/craftsy and amazingly enough, found I had a talent in those areas of creativity!  Here are some pics of what I've been up to!

Not all of these were done in those few months of sabbatical.  More like started but not finished until way later.  But just starting them made me feel creative in a whole new way and allowed for my mind to relax and learn some new things.  That in turn helped me to get back in touch with my characters and when the new year rolled around, I was ready to sit back at the computer once more and get back to writing.

Which brings me to the belated announcement that Peregrinate (Annals of Ellie #3) is now available on Kindle, Nook, and in paperback on Amazon!!!  I'd begun working on it before I went on sabbatical and ended up writing like a madwoman once I had my mind right again.  Peregrinate has been out for a couple of months (sorry for the late announcement), but better late than never, right?!  So, if you haven't had a chance to check out Ellie's ongoing adventures, be sure to get a copy of Vivication, the first book in the series, and get started!

So, that's been the last year, practically, and I'm still having fun with the various arts and crafts.  However, I am also working on the latest manuscript for the Galactic Dynasty series I'm co-writing with my awesome hubby and Muse!  This will be the fifth book in the series and I'm super excited about it!  Rosa's discovering all sorts of things and her friendship with Daemos is growing exponentially.  So, if you haven't started this series yet, get a copy of Starward, the first book, and see what all the fuss is about!

As you know, I do keep a word count on this blog so readers can see how far along I am on a writing project.  So, Book 5 of Galactic Dynasty is now up and the word count will be updated from time to time so you all can see how far along I am on the manuscript.  I'm hoping to have this book written and published by October, but we'll see!  It's always good to have goals!

And that has been the story of my life for the last year, throw in some traveling and such as well!  As always, I will do my best to try and be a more frequent poster out here, but we all know how that usually goes! lol  Regardless, I'll try to post pics of finished artsy/craftsy projects as well as updates on manuscripts and publication dates as I have them.  Hope everyone is having a great summer so far and if you're looking for something to read, be sure to visit the other pages on this website.  Maybe you'll find a new series to fall in love with!

Happy Reading!!!