Galactic Dynasty

Starward (Galactic Dynasty #1)


DNA, the schematic for life, and so much more. For the long dead aliens, it’s a message media of treachery and treason through the centuries. For the mission to the stars, it’s an absolute requirement. But for Rosa, it’s a curse of being the only one with the right DNA. Going into space isn’t on her life list. But events centuries before her time has set fate into motion from which there is no escape. So she reluctantly embarks on the ultimate space adventure…to unknowingly deliver the dead aliens’ message of betrayal!


An alien outpost, an evolving computer, and a secret DNA-imbedded message. A combination that spells intergalactic intrigue and deadly consequences for Rosa, the reluctant space trekker, and the Earth delegation to the stars. Follow Rosa’s ever-twisting fate as the Earth team meets the Metrusians and navigates the novel realm of galactic politics and the entangled web of treasonous schemes.

Lineage (Galactic Dynasty #3)


Lineage –  For all of us, the link from past to present… and to the future.  DNA that carries more than traits binds Rosa to her alien past, to a synthetic intelligence, and directly links her to both human and Metrusian races.  The first to be of both worlds.  An onus that she must embrace as fate will not have it any other way.   Aliens, synthetic intelligence, and Earthlings – a lineage fusion of galactic proportions. 

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