The Soul of Arial


So it is spoken, so it shall be, that the Soul of Arial will bring change to thee;

With defiance and courage she will paint the scene for two worlds to become one;

And by her side will only one rule and win her respect for eternity.

A prophecy is given and a Soul is named.   Change is coming and the soul must be found.  Rulers fret, winged warriors hunt, and Arial eludes.  But for how long?


Underworld.  Where a cruel tyrant rules, female souls are Pets for pleasure, and winged warriors enforce his will.  The 100-year Prophecy binds Arial to this world.  Undeniable destiny drives her to escape the tyrant’s cage and explore the after-death realm.  From the wicked and the wild to where scholars deliberate.  Underworld – will she change it or will it change her?

Transition Finale (The Soul of Arial #3)


Arial must choose.  The prophecy must be fulfilled or all that is known will end.  There is no good or bad, only ugly.  With no good options, Arial faces her final destiny.  Rulers, winged warriors, and the souls all await her choice.  And her fate and life itself hangs in the balance.  What is a girl to do?

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